The Truths We Hide – Episode 116 with Edith and Nicholas Miaskowsk‪i‬

Listen here – https://anchor.fm/annette-whittenberger/episodes/Episode-116-with-Edith-and-Nicholas-Miaskowski-et7tn4

The Miaskowski family story is the true American dream. After immigrating from Poland to America to save their daughter Samantha’s life from a brain tumour, their son Nicholas also developed a stage 4 brain tumour at age 10. After a courageous battle, Nicholas was able to recover and is cancer free today. In 2015, the family started a successful business providing affordable housing by buying, fixing and selling mobiles homes. In 2017, inspired by the example of friend and Make a Wish founder, Frank Shankwitz, the family founded Golden Wings Helping hands: a registered charity that has provided care packages to thousands of homeless and free mobile home housing to veterans.

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