The NGO Whisperer™ Show Season 1 Ep. 2 I Carolyne A. Opinde interviews Nicholas Miaskowski

The NGO Whisperer™ Show is a platform that celebrates men and women in the non-profit sector who are positively impacting the lives of people in their communities and across the globe.

In this second episode, Carolyne A. Opinde speaks with Nicholas Miaskowski – CEO of Golden Wing Helping Hands, a non-profit that is restoring dignity among the homeless in Chicago, United States.

Go to https://ngowhisperer.com​ or https://beginet.org​ to learn about what we do.

Go to https://goldenwinghelpinghands.org​ to learn more about the organisation. #TheNGOWhispererShow#Homelessness#Hygiene#Carepackages#Dignity#Homelessyouth#MobileHomes#healthchecks

Together we are #connectingpeople​, #raisingfunds​ and #impactinglives​!

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