Developing & Keeping An Attitude of Gratitude with Edith – Nicholas Miaskowski

The Miaskowski family story is the true American dream, overcoming the adversity of cancer, becoming a Make A Wish Kid and ultimately giving back to their community!

Please take a listen to their amazing story of resilience!

The family immigrated from Poland to America to save the life of their daughter, Samantha who was suffering with a brain tumor. At the age of four, their son Nicholas also developed a stage 4 brain tumor at the age 10. After a courageous battle, Nicholas was able to recover and is cancer free today.

In 2015, the family started a successful business providing affordable housing by buying, fixing and selling mobile homes called Golden Wing Mobile Homes. They were inspired by the example of friend and Make a Wish founder, Frank Shankwitz. In 2017, the family founded Golden Wings Helping hands, which is a registered charity. They have provided care packages to thousands of people that are homeless and they have provided free mobile home housing to veterans. Be sure to check out all the amazing things the Miaskowski family is doing to improve the lives of the folks in their community, including a course on how to do the type of work they are doing in their area.

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