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Your American Dream is just a click away. Golden Wing Mobile Homes will help you find the perfect home to suit your needs.

A Home of your Own

The housing market is pricey. This makes it hard to find a proper home at a reasonable price. Our Mobile Homes give you all the comfort of a full scale house at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing the quality of living.

Quality Mobile Homes

We are looking for new homes to buy, whether from park communities, manufacturers or private sales. We give these preloved homes a makeover so they feel brand new.

Happy Home Owners

We’re very happy with the house and we get along with the neighbors. We’re doing great! Signing the lease was easy and got good service and everything.
Diane Flores and Richard Haslett
Home Owners

Meet the Golden Wing Family

The talented individual who takes responsibility for buying and selling as well as transactions, is Edith. She is an amazing person who speaks to potential clients with compassion and she is the negotiator when purchasing a mobile home.

On the marketing side, the man behind creating the ads and our virtual tour videos of each and every mobile home we rehab, is Nicholas. Our creative and genius behind the screen, Nicholas is the digital presence behind Golden Wing.

Managing the subcontractors working on the rehab of each mobile home is Roman. He does the purchases of products and supplies needed for the mobile homes and ensures that the work done is going smoothly and up to standards, making sure that everything is in top form.

Midwest Mobile Homes for Sale - Golden Wing
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