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Golden Wing is a family of mobile home investors who purchase, rehab, and sell mobile home units throughout the Midwest. Our experienced team helps families by creating safe, affordable housing options so our clients can finally have their “American Dream” home.

Golden Wing Mobile Homes provides value to communities by increasing home values through repairing and rehabbing our Mobile Homes while also bringing in qualified buyers. Our team is here to not only help you find the right home for your family, but to provide opportunities to those looking for low risk, high profit real estate investments.

Meet The Team

It takes a family to make a home

As a team of three people – Edith, Nicholas and Roman, we work together as a family, everyone tasked with an important role within the company, contributing to our philosophy.

An important note to mentions is that we do not have a consistent team of subcontractors, instead we hire different contractors each time to ensure that the job is done correctly and not only meets our standards but our client’s standards as well.

Midwest Mobile Homes for Sale - Golden Wing

The talented individual who takes responsibility for buying and selling as well as transactions, is Edith. She is an amazing person who speaks to potential clients with compassion and she is the negotiator when purchasing a mobile home.

Managing the subcontractors working on the rehab of each mobile home is Roman. He does the purchases of products and supplies needed for the mobile homes and ensures that the work done is going smoothly and up to standards, making sure that everything is in top form.

On the marketing side, the man behind creating the ads and our virtual tour videos of each and every mobile home we rehab, is Nicholas. Our creative and genius behind the screen, Nicholas is the digital presence behind Golden Wing.

Our Philosophy

Everyone deserves to have their own home, it’s not important whether it’s a mansion or a mobile home, no matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve to have a decent life. We deserve to feel strength and stability day after day. We deserve to know we have the power to take care of ourselves and build our own futures, everyone deserves to have their American Dream. We are here to provide ease with affordable and high-quality homes for all.

Midwest Mobile Homes for Sale - Golden Wing

Golden Wing Helping Hands

About our Charity

In June 2017, we established the non-profit organisation called Golden Wings Helping Hands, in which we create care packages to the homeless in need. Each of these care packages contain the necessities that any individual would need such as clothing, non-perishable foods, water, toiletries, blankets and a gift card to purchase basic need items. Since the start until recently, our non-profit organisation has touched the lives of more than two thousand people whom are homeless and in need as well as being fortunate enough to combine both Golden Wing Mobile Homes and Golden Wing Helping Hands to donate a mobile home to a very deserving, disabled veteran whom is facing various health issues. This veteran was facing homelessness and we wanted to thank him for his service to the American people and help him get back on his feet. We did this by donating a mobile home to give him a home to help him raise his family in a safe environment, but we don’t want to stop there, we want to do more projects like this to help more people to have the homes that they deserve.

Mike the Veteren

The man we have helped and had donated the mobile home to is named Mike and he is a disabled veteran. He was facing many adversities and we’ve decided that we need to help him. 

Mike lived in a mobile home in Lake Station Indiana with his 15-year-old daughter. At that time, the family had no water in the home because the water pipes beneath their previous home burst and Mike could not afford to repair them, they have been living with no water for at least two years. As a result, Mike and his daughter had to go and take showers and baths at his son’s house.

 Mike did not own the previous home that he lived in because it had been passed down by his mother-in-law. His mother-in-law had never paid any taxes on the home and as a result there were many back taxes. Because there’s so many back taxes, missing title work and the home being in terrible condition, Mike could not do anything in that situation. He struggled with the money needed in order to fix that home and he could not afford anything else. Facing so much stress in his life, Mike has been dealing with many heart issues and has had a triple bypass open heart surgery performed on him. Even after experiencing this surgery to restore his heart, he would go to his work in order to make enough money to support his family.

He currently works as an after-school supervisor for young children at the mobile home community that he lives in and he also manages the swimming pool there as well. Despite having health issues, this did not stop Mike from having a big heart and did not stop him from supporting and caring for his family and for the community that he lives in. 

On the afternoon of March 1st 2019, Mike had heard the most miraculous news. He had met up with Edith, Roman and Nicholas Miaskowski and they had told him that they will donate a refurbished mobile home to him. As you can imagine, he was so grateful, excited and emotional! On the morning of that day he was so upset and anxious and went to Church to pray for a miracle and it’s definitely no coincidence that he has received such miraculous news! The family had been renovating many properties at that same community that Mike had been living in and the family has decided to help Mike in order for him to get out of his tough situation. At that time, Mikes daughter was pregnant at fifteen and this was such a dire time to ensure that his granddaughter would grow up in a safe environment.

On April 20th 2019, the Miaskowski’s have given Mike the keys to his new mobile home that had been fully refurbished by Golden Wing Mobile Homes and sponsored by the families non-profit, Golden Wing Helping Hands. To this day, Mike has been living happily at his new home with his daughter and his healthy granddaughter.

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